References: Policy- and strategy development

2008, Gender training and development of Gender Action Plans within the country cooperation strategy process for Sida field offices in Honduras, Guatemala, Bolivia, Ethiopia (regional) and Zambia (regional), as well as at Sida headquarters.

2005-2006, “Raising Women’s Voices on Malaria”, a cooperation between the Roll Back Malaria Partnership Secretariat, Femme Africa Solidarité, the Multilateral Initiatve on Malaria and Kvinnoforum to establish a global network on Gender and Malaria. A Global Action Plan was developed,a Global Network and a Guide to Resources. Funded by Sida.

2003, UNFPA Strategy against trafficking in women, including facilitating a working conference in Bratislava with global representation of UNFPA representatives and background documentation.

2003-2004, Revision of Sidas Gender Policy, including overviews of experiences, background key documentation, workshop facilitation and drafting of the policy itself. The policy was adopted in 2005.