Does it make any difference if you are a:

  1. Young Swedish man in the Nordic Swedish city of  Kiruna?

  2. An old black woman in Missouri, US?

  3. A 14 year old girl in Agra, India?

  4. A high-income middle age white man in Mexico City?

In most societies, being a man or a woman means living different lives.

It involves obvious different biological characteristics, as well as different social expectations about the appearance, qualities, behavior, role and work appropriate to being a man or a woman.

A gender perspective involves understanding that the possibilities, opportunities and challenges in life for a man or a woman, or a boy or a girl vary depending on these differences. An awareness of these differences makes changes possible!

A gender perspective makes planning and processes of change more efficient, as the actions and strategies will be adapted to their different needs and possibilities.

Furthermore it is an issue of human rights that these differences are considered in development processes.

GenderFocus always considers women, men, boys and girls, and the relationship between them.

GenderFocus can:

• Make gender analysis

• Offer tools for gender mainstreaming

• Provide gender training

• Develop and manage gender sensitive projects

  1. Evaluate with a gender perspective

  2. And other