Migration and refugees

Migration is a global phenomenon, which occurs within countries as well as at a global level. It may be voluntary or forced.  There are today around 200 million migrants worldwide (49,5%  women). Of these some 11 millions are refugees, some 26 million are internally displaced persons (IDPs) and between 20-30 migrants are “unauthorized” worldwide (IOM2009). Trafficking in human beings is closely linked to migration processes. With emerging climate changes, GenderFocus foresees a new group of migrants- climate migrants.

GenderFocus recognizes migration as a natural phenomenon which may be both an empowering process as may involve severe abuses of the human rights of the migrants.

GenderFocus has experience of working with the various forms of migration, and has conducted a number of studies in the field. Women and men, girls and boys experience migration differently, and therefore, policies, strategies and actions must consider gender differences as regards migration.

GenderFocus offers:

•Gender analysis of migration processes, including that of refugees, IDPs, labour migrants, trafficking in human beings and climate migrants.

•Other services as indicated under “services”