”Empowerment refers to all those processes that increase women and men’s ownership of their lives, at individual, group and societal level”. (Kvinnoforum 2002)

The concept springs from the Latin word ‘potere’, to be ‘potent’ and ‘to be able to. An empowerment perspective focuses on people’s and groups’ abilities and resources. It takes place on an individual, group and societal level.

An empowerment perspective:

• Makes it possible for individuals, groups and societies to be agents in their own lives as well as society

• Brings with it an increase in self-esteem, belief in the own willingness and possibilities to affect the own life and also of society

• Brings with it processes that will change structures of power

• Can be a tool in the work towards a social sustainable development, starting in the needs and resources of all groups in society

GenderFocus applies an empowerment perspective on all work convinced that it enhances development and human activities.