Gender and Climate Change

Climate change impacts on those who already are the most vulnerable and marginalized. Women and men, girls and boys, all experience climate changes differently, whether in relation to sudden weather disasters or rather long term changes such as rising water levels, changes in agriculture, drought or other.

Gender differences have an impact on women’s and men’s different possibilities and opportunities for participation in mitigation and adaptation to a changing climate; for instance as regards access and understanding of technologies, access to and use of resources such as natural resources (land, water, etc) wealth, credits, access to education, access to information, restrictions in mobility and other. Also, women and men have different possibilities for participation in the international negotiations, which has an impact on whose perspective is being heard and taken into account.

Climate change exacerbates existing inequalities. 

Gender inequalities can intensify the impacts of climate change for the population in general.

A gender perspective saves lives!

GenderFocus services include:

  1. Trainings, workshops, lectures on gender and climate change

  2. Studies and overviews on climate change with a gender perspective

  3. Program development on gender and climate change

  4. Other in dialogue with the client